Viking Sheet Metal Steeples


Our team will install a metal steeple for a Sioux Falls church, residential property or commercial property. We can customize a design to fit your building and style. Call today to inquire about a unique metal steeple.  


  • Ambassador Steeple
  • Charlton Kind Steeple
  • Greenwich Steeple
  • Tudor Steeple

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Sioux Falls Metal Steeples

Quality Custom Sheet Metal

If you are looking for quality custom fabricated residential or commercial sheet metal for your newly constructed home or business, or looking to upgrade your current fixtures, contact Viking Sheet Metal today! We will provide a free estimate for any project and create a beautiful metal design for your client or home. Let our team create a statement piece for the exterior of your building by using various colors and styles of sheet metal. You will enjoy the addition of a stunning metal bay roof for many years to come.

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Custom Metal Designs

Sioux Falls Custom Sheet Metal

Unique Designs for Ordinary Features

Viking Sheet Metal in Sioux Falls provides homes and businesses with unique metal designs for ordinary features. A custom metal steeple will add a unique and stunning design element to any property. Your metal steeple will arrive in a one-piece unit that is ready for immediate installation. They are available in custom sizes and styles. Along with steeples, our team can create custom metal louvers and vents, range hoods and metal gutters. Click here for a full list of products and construction project ideas. We can make any idea a reality.

Talk to one of our design specialist to discuss your metal design ideas and start working on a stunning architectural plan! Our experienced sheet metal team will work with your budget and style to create a steeple. We look forward to working with you on your custom steeple!